Dandelion, taraxacum.

About us

We are a very loose group of artists, crafts people and environmentalist working for sustainability through our collective efforts. We work together in physical spaces and through the web. We come and go as cats do but we always connect. We believe we can be individuals but still a collective.

We are diverse in many ways. Geographically, you will find us in Mexico and Sweden. For now. This is a start of a process. We don’t know where it will take us. However, we find collective processes powerful. They inspire, create hope, more ideas and thoughts for positive and sustainable actions as well as proof of that we can all be change agents.

The desmadre
When we say a loose group, it refers to the flexibility of our constellation and our projects. Desmadre is a Spanish word that describes our flexibility and our ability to work separated and together, in chaos and in spite of our individual differences. Desmadre is used in both a negative and positive sense. We focus on the positive cognition of the expression although most dictionaries translate it as chaos. It can also mean fun and wild. We think the desmadre is a starting point for creativity.

The initiatives
We applaud initiatives that makes our planet better for all living creatures, with sustainability, respect and collective networking in mind.

The web
Presently we just use this site. We are not exposed on social media except as individuals.